Independent Medical Evaluations by Evaluations Plus, Inc.

Evaluations Plus, Inc. is committed to providing our clients with consistently high quality, personal, and prompt service. Our mission is to supply insurance companies, government agencies, case managers, and legal professionals with a quality Independent Medical Evaluation that is objective and reliable, based on medical evidence, and which provides unbiased findings of a claimant's injuries. Our reliability, outstanding customer service, and reputation are our company's most valuable assets.

Evaluations Plus, Inc. was founded in 1994 and has since established a national network containing a diverse and dependable range of medical specialists. We ensure that all of our affiliated physicians are board certified with an active practice and possess a sound industry reputation. Our commitment to quality service is demonstrated through our stringent selection process, in which we personally recruit and credential physicians to better ensure quality control of reports and scheduling times. Our Independent Medical Evaluations, Utilization and Peer Reviews, Functional Capacity Examinations, and diagnostic services are scheduled nationwide.

Through our exceptional business relationships and reputation within the field, we are able to specialize in obtaining hard to find experts to address unique cases and situations. The physicians, RN’s, and capable professional teams at Evaluations Plus, Inc. are skilled and experienced in every aspect of the IME business. Evaluations Plus, Inc. has built an industry-leading reputation through the strength our client’s satisfaction, superior customer service, consistent quality, and overall commitment to timely claim resolution.


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